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Andhakaranazhi is a beautiful beach located approximately 30 kilometers from Kochi in Kochi-Alleppey route. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alleppey. There is a beautiful light house near the Beach. This place is a convergence of backwater and the Arabian Sea. The location was comparatively not known in the tourism map of Kerala.

Andhakaranazhi is in the middle of the way between Kochi and Alappuzha. It is 30 kms from both places and 5 km from the National Highway. A beautiful coastal road takes one along the sea from Fort Kochi right up to Alappuzha.

Now due to Govt initiatives, Andhakaranazhyis fast becoming a popular destination among tourists. A new bridge is constructed near the southern barge across the isthmus lake. An aerial walkway is also constructed, extending up to the sea wall. Standing on the walkway a splendid panoramic view of sun set can be enjoyed. The walkway ends up to the new tourist complex. A large number of localities and passing tourists visit the beach during the weekends.

Andhakaranazhi when translated to the local language of Malayalam means Estuary of Darkness ironically there is a light house erected at Andhakaranazhi. One could never opt to miss out the sunset at Andhakaranazhi.The majestic light house stands like a signal tower guiding the seamen during night. This lighthouse is open to public during the Onam season. It is also a popular shooting location for Malayalam film songs.

The highest highlight of Andhakaranazhi is the beauty of the beach. Away from the usual throng of crowd, the beach is quite, beautiful and serene. One can sit at the shore and enjoy the waves, the sea breeze and the sunset.

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